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At Heart & Soul there is something for everyone!

Piano for Preschoolers

I teach a music program to preschoolers at Bloom Montessori where we explore music from around the world, play with rhythm instruments, along with singing and movement in the classroom.

Designed for the ages 3-5 years of age. An encouraging first experience in music lessons. This 3 book series which covers, sorting sounds, predicting patterns and recognizing rhythm allows your child to develop piano and music skills that allow for a smooth transition into a piano method book.

They explore the piano with help of five furry finger puppet friends. Thumbelina, Pointer Panda, Middleton Mouse, Ringo Racoon and Pinky Pig. This method is a fun and creative and the preschoolers love it!!


"Sherry has provided invaluable musical instruction to the children at Bloom Montessori for the last year and a half. The children are always looking forward to their lessons . Sherry provides a diversity of a well planned activities that are always engaging and fun she has been a great addition to our school".
Mojdeh Baghaei
Bloom Montesori

School Age

I use the Faber & Faber method books they give a very firm foundation on developing piano skills. I always add creative games with my teaching method books to introduce theory and reinforce their skills they have learned. Along with this I have incentive and motivation charts and small rewards for their achievements. Many students enjoy these charts and can't wait to show me what they have accomplished during the week. I also encourage piano performance we often have recitals so they may practice this skill. The Halloween Recital is the favorite as they dress in costume and they play their spoooooky songs.


Many who have been with me for some time I will start introducing lead sheets and easy jazz, blues and improvisation. They often come with music they want to learn, It's important for me to learn their style so I can give them music that they appreciate and will practice. It doesn't matter how much I want them to learn a song if they don't like it forget it! At this point they have learned the basics and has developed the skills, now it's finding what they enjoy and work from there.

Adult students

Adult students are a blast!!! They come up with the funniest remarks. Sometime's my stomach gets sore from laughing so much. They are very receptive and enjoy the feedback I give. I help them with choosing music they wish to play and create a relaxing atmosphere as much as possible.

Keeping things light seems to work well. I wouldn't trade my adult students for the world they are all so wonderful.

I am slowly implementing small adult recitals even though some say they would rather jump off a cliff. But fun aside, they do enjoy them. It's funny they come to me to learn piano and I end up learning from them. It's great!

Adult recital   Adult Recital

Music Recreationist

Having Fun at Jesken

I have been given the opportunity to meet with Ronnie Birkland the Recreation Activity coordinator at the Jesken Aerie a living assistant retirement home for senior's. He encourages music and active living. He has a B.A. in Recreation and Health Education and promotes physical and brain fitness.

I have a music recreation program on a monthly basis with the residents of Jesken Aerie. They enjoy singing their favorite tunes, playing rhythm instruments and they love music bingo. Here are a few pictures of the residents enjoying our time together.

St. Patrick's DayFor Valentines Day we had love songs we sung and had music games. They loved the St. Patrick's Day theme, I handed out rhythm instruments and we started tapping to the music when the music stopped and if they were still playing their instrument they had to wear the St. Paddy's Hat.

They loved it. I involve instruments as much as I can and keep the songs fairly easy for them. They are so amazing they are always willing to try new things. And they love music bingo .

I make sure I bring this with me. I love going to the home to do music with them and have developed some very special friendships.


Sherry Griffin

Hi! My name is Sherry. With 25 years of teaching experience I help others explore their creativity and imagination in a joyful, encouraging and fun way. I am grateful to be part of my students accomplishments and achievements.

I admire other's who are inspired to learn how to play the piano and fill their "Heart & Soul's" with music.

I started piano lessons at the age of 4 years old in Gilliam, Manitoba and have continued playing ever since. I completed the piano Teacher Training program with Mrs. Winnifred Wood at the Royal Conservatory of Victoria.

I have studied classical music and enjoy playing popular and new age style of music. I am currently exploring more of jazz , blues and improvisation.

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